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After your song is released in Ghana, go to TikTok, not Nigeria – Bullgod

After your song is released in Ghana, go to TikTok, not Nigeria – Bullgod

Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Bullgod, is urging musicians to prioritize promoting their songs using apps such as TikTok, rather than going to Nigeria.

He said this in response to a call from Nigerian promoter and broadcaster Adesope Olajide, who urged musicians from Ghana to choose his country and city, Lagos, as a second promotional point for their songs.

According to Bullgod, the internet has presented a lot of creatives globally with an opportunity to show the works of artistes to different markets worldwide.

He added that moving from one place to the other to promote music is not as effective as it used to be a few years ago because of the introduction of various platforms on the internet.

“This is 2023, let nobody come and tell us that we need to go to Nigeria to promote music. We won’t go to Lagos. We no get time. Everything is digital,”he said in pidgin.

Bullgod also mentioned that instead of going to Nigeria as suggested by the likes of Adesope, musicians should rather go to TikTok.

“When you release a song in Accra, the next city you should go to is TikTok. If I have money for promotion I will go and find a TikTok office and pay them for my promo.”

Source: Ghana News

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