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Bolt Food partners with Verasure Brokerage, Imperial Insurance to offer courier insurance

Bolt Food, through its intermediary, Verasure Insurance Brokerage, entered into a partnership with Imperial General Assurance to launch an insurance programme for the platform’s delivery riders.

The policy, brokered by Verasure, offers personal accident covers from Imperial for all couriers during an active delivery order. This strategic alliance is a key step towards improving the safety and wellbeing of the hardworking riders who serve as the backbone of Bolt Food’s reliable food delivery network.

Since launching in the market in 2020, Bolt Food has always sought innovative ways to enhance its services and to offer the best-in-class experience to all its users. The introduction of the courier insurance is a clear indication of the business’s dedication to enhancing its service offering, serving as a crucial step in strengthening the safety of deliveries in the diverse cities where they operate.

Ali Zaryab, Bolt Food Country Manager, said: “Bolt Food’s new courier insurance represents a significant advancement in our Ghana operations, as it greatly enhances the safety and security of all couriers on our platform. We are proud to be introducing this insurance on our platform. The well-being of our extensive network of fleet and courier partners is at the core of our business, and their safety remains our top priority. At Bolt, we constantly look to promote features and functionalities that improve the safety ecosystem of the app, by innovating and investing in providing the best experience for our users.”

Lucy Turkson Yankyera, Verasure’s Business Development Manager said: “Verasure Insurance Brokerage is delighted to be at the forefront of this initiative, which sets a precedent for responsible business practices in the courier industry in Ghana. It is our objective as an Insurance Brokerage firm to negotiate and deliver customised insurance solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. With this deal, Bolt Food riders are assured of adequate protection in their day-to-day work, and on a larger scale, it is a pivotal moment regarding how compensation in the gig economy is approached in Ghana.”

Robert Wugah, Managing Director, Imperial General Insurance, said: “Imperial General Insurance is dedicated to achieving excellence in offering risk solutions to safeguard our clients. We take great pride in our partnership with Bolt Food, as it aligns with our goal of shaping the future of service delivery. We are not only enthusiastic about our collaborative growth with Bolt but also aspire for the entire sector to follow our lead in creating cities that prioritise the well-being of those who reside and work within them.”

With the opportunities created by food delivery services, Bolt Food proves to be a dependable ally to its courier partners.

Moreover, Bolt Food’s platform grants courier partners the flexibility to choose when and how they want to make deliveries, aligning with their preferences and needs.

Source: Ghana News

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