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Corpnation empowers 7 coastal districts on sustainable development

Corpnation empowers 7 coastal districts on sustainable development

A not for profit organisation based in Takoradi, Corpnation has completed a phase 1 of empowering seven districts in the Western Region on sustainable development.

Spanning from 4th to 18th November 2023, CorpNation Foundation in collaboration with SEB Foundation and the leadership of 11 coastal communities within the seven coastal districts namely; Brawire, Apewosika, Lower Dixcove, Upper Dixcove, Busua, Esiama, Atuabo, Ahobre, Half Assini, Bentsir and New Takoradi embarked on a transformative project titled ‘Empowering Coastal Communities for Sustainable Development.

Identified problems within the coastal communities in the Western Region include coastal erosion and poverty to limited access to basic healthcare and education. A significant concern is the escalating issue of plastic waste, which not only threatens the environment but also infiltrates the food chain and impacts human health.

Corpnation empowers 7 coastal districts on sustainable development

The project which was significantly marked by a beach cleanup activity and advocacy on SDG 13 (climate change) witnessed the active participation of an estimated number of 700 volunteers.

Among the volunteers include youth groups, fishermen and fishmongers.

Branches of CorpNation Foundation’s Corporate Youth Clubs (CYCs) have been established within all host communities, serving as indigenous ambassadors of the initiative. These clubs connect with community leadership and other key stakeholders, epitomizing a community-led approach.

The SEB Foundation’s engagement drives STEM education and supports awareness and engagement sessions.

The clubs shall have their engagement programmes which include hand skills and entrepreneurship trainings, common amongst them are weekly meetings and monthly community and beach cleanup exercises for which each community was presented 2 sets of wheelbarrows, 5 rakes, 4 shovels, 3 spade, 5 standing broom and a set of picking rods to aid routine clean up activities.

Corpnation empowers 7 coastal districts on sustainable development

Speaking to the founder of CorpNation Foundation Mr. Savior Kwaku Adzika, he disclosed that “the ultimate goal of the initiative is not to just achieve results but to make it effective, efficient and ultimately, sustainable.

The establishment of the youth clubs is pivotal to the success of this initiative, as in the case of Sekondi-Takoradi where our these clubs have driven community-led and sustainable development.”

He added that “CorpNation Foundation’s initiatives and projects are all in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.

Source: Ghana News

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