Decentralizing your operations will boost revenue mobilization – GRA told

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been urged to intensify its decentralization efforts to enhance domestic resource mobilization and boost tax compliance in the country.

This call comes from the Retired Customs Officers Association.

Addressing attendees at the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Retired Customs Officers Association in Accra, Major General Carl Modey Rtd., a former commissioner of the Customs Division of the GRA, emphasized the importance of adequately resourcing the division to overcome its challenges.

“Few weeks ago, some trading association demonstrated against us for arresting them but GRA has also come out with a response .We have met with them and we pointed out that enforcing our mandate out of the entry points is part and parcel of measures that we take and they cannot say that we should stop and off course we also take a look at some of their concerns which are genuine,” he said.

On his part, the Commissioner of Customs at the Ghana Revenue Authority, Alhaji Seidu Iddrisu said the Authority is unwavering in its commitment to enforcing compliance strategies, ensuring that the government attains its revenue targets.

While the Division remains dedicated to constructive engagement with the business community, it stands ready to take decisive action if any trader attempts to circumvent their surveillance.

“If the various divisions are decentralized, well resourced, you will get more revenue than what they are doing. Little or petty administrative things should not go the Commissioner General. He is too busy. Everything should start with commissioner the same goes to the domestic tax revenue division,” he said.

Source: Ghana Business

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