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Don’t try to fix a relationship at the expense of your life – Counselor

A Ghana Psychology Council (GPC) Licensed Counselor, Pastor Antoine Hlomador has advised people not to try to mend a relationship that is likely to cost them their lives.

In an interview on Prime Morning on Thursday, the pastor Hlomador indicated that ideally, no broken relationship should be left unfixed, unless it is one that can cause the victim to lose his or her life.

“As a pastor, I would say none. As a professional, I would say one that is likely to cost you your life, you should not try to fix it,” he said.

Pastor Hlomodor explained that since life is most important, it is imperative to protect one’s life no matter what, because without life, nothing can be achieved.

“Without your life, you cannot impact this world. And so, the most important thing is to protect your life, be preserved so that maybe in the future when circumstances have changed, you could re-establish that relationship,” the pastor elaborated.

Counselor Hlomador further emphasised the importance of two people knowing each other very well, beyond their physical appearance before they get married.

He advises couples to study each other’s temperament as well, so as to know how to cope better with each other in their marriage.

“If you team up with someone just because of the person’s looks, it’s a big mistake. You have to look deeper. It has to be a spiritual connection… meaning that you understand the person’s temperament and you agree with the person’s temperament, then it’s 50% of the chance that you will be successful,” the counselor specified.

Pastor Antoine Hlomador encourages individuals to seek the services of counselors in the community around them to enable them to solve problems in the most prudent ways.

Source: Ghana News

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