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Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (DEAL 2024): a proven catalyst for Africa’s FEC, theme parks, and amusement industries

Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (DEAL 2024): a proven catalyst for Africa's FEC, theme parks, and amusement industries

Burgeoning African amusement industry operators are set to benefit once again from the forthcoming DEAL 2024 ( in Dubai. As the largest event in the FEC, theme parks, and amusement industries in the MEA region, this B2B exhibition is a must-attend for African industry stakeholders. Just as in previous years, African family entertainment centers, theme parks, and waterpark operators stand to gain significantly from the upcoming DEAL 2024 B2B showcase to be held in Dubai, UAE.

The landmark 30th edition promises to be a comprehensive ecosystem within the amusement and leisure industry, featuring some of the globe’s most innovative and imaginative entertainment concepts. The 30th edition of this grand event is scheduled to take place at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre from  5th to 7th March. For more information on DEAL, please visit

With over 300 exhibitors from 40+ countries, DEAL 2024 is poised to unite industry leaders and unveil concepts tailored to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced generation.

“Africa, with its thriving FECs, theme parks, and entertainment industry, remains one of the world’s fastest-growing continents with immense potential. The younger generation craves continuous entertainment and constantly seeks new and exciting entertainment ideas. They demand top-notch entertainment venues in their own countries and yearn for the latest immersive VR entertainment innovations as their tastes evolve. DEAL 2024, according to Abdulrahman Falaknaz, Chairman of International Expo, is the trade exhibition poised to help African businesses meet this growing demand.

“DEAL exhibitors from around the world will present a plethora of cutting-edge innovations for African FECs and amusement operators to choose from. VR games will soon transport theme park visitors to realms previously thought impossible to replicate. This presents an excellent business opportunity for mall owners, real estate developers, and other stakeholders in Africa who are eager to incorporate gaming and entertainment zones into their unique projects,” continued Mr. Falaknaz. DEAL 2024 will provide the perfect platform for exhibitors, attendees, and end consumers looking to experience these incredible concepts.

Addressing the development of virtual reality concepts, Mr. Falaknaz stated, “Entertainment has become a vital component of any megamall, with the primary aim being to attract more visitors, ultimately leading to increased sales. African participants attending DEAL can also explore the UAE’s VR Parks to discover their potential and revenue-boosting strategies. While the facility may remain the same, updating and modifying games and software is a more cost-effective alternative to overhauling the entire interior of the facility.”

DEAL show organizers encourage participating visitors to plan their trips in advance to ensure they don’t miss this multi-million-dollar B2B game changing event.

In addition to Africa, trade visitors from across the globe, including Australia, Europe, the United States, Turkey, Asia and GCC countries, among others, are expected to attend. The Middle East and Africa region has become focal points for the global FEC, theme parks, and amusement industries, and DEAL is strategically positioned to support both international exhibitors and trade visitors. For more information on DEAL please log on to

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