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ECG begins customer outreach programmes in Ada district

The Ada District of the Tema Region has started a series of community visits and engagements with particular attention to customer service related activities.

The first of this, as part of the recent campaign, was held at the Koluedor Catholic Church in Koluedor, a suburb within Ada on Friday, 17th June, 2022.

As part of the event, a mobile office was set up by the District Commercial Unit at the venue where customers within the locality were encouraged to bring up issues they may possibly be facing, with regards to ECG services.

Over 70 community members showed up, with some having issues regarding the verification of accounts.

Some asked for the printing of account statements, while others needed their faulty meters to be replaced.

ECG begins customer outreach programmes in Ada district

A number of customers also had billing challenges which were resolved. 

Customers whose meters needed to be replaced were issued with the necessary support, while their meter replacement were handled on the same day.

As part of the programme, the ECG Team discussed issues concerning the one month moratorium which the company has given, from 7th June to 6th July 2022 and encouraged that if any customer had problems with their meters, resulting from possible illegal connections, as well as some debt, they should endeavor to inform the ECG so that they will not be processed for court.

However, should this time elapse, offenders will be prosecuted for the offence of stealing, as well as they risk getting their names published in the media.

The ECG team on the field also engaged customers on efficient use of power, how to conserve power and safety with regards to electricity.

Some of the participants expressed happiness at the fact that they had had their issues resolved, without them having to go to the Ada District Office for such services.

Some encouraged ECG to carry out such services often so as to make it easier for more customers to benefit from the services provided.

Source: Ghana News

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