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‘ECG has not agreed to any percentages with Hubtel’ – ECG MD

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has reacted to speculation that there was an attempt to hand over the ECG App to Hubtel Company Limited at a service fee of four percent.

The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Mines and Energy Committee, John Jinapor had alleged that there were plans to hand over the management of the ECG App to Hubtel Company Limited and that the Minority in Parliament was willing to pursue the allegation.

Mr Jinapor had said the Minority has received reports that Hubtel Company Limited would be charging a service fee of four per cent when the ECG App is handed over to the company.

“Handing over the App that was developed by the ECG IT team itself that sells power at no cost, is it true they are handing over that App to a company called Hubtel to charge a service fee of four per cent or not? That is what we are picking up,” Mr Jinapor said.

ECG MD reaction

But reacting to it at a press conference in Accra on Thursday (October 6, 2022), the Managing Director of ECG, Samuel Dubik Mahama denied agreeing on any percentages with Hubtel.

“ECG hasn’t agreed to any percentages with Hubtel.”

“ECG said, you [Hubtel] say you can do something, proof your concept, if your concept works, what do we do, we agree to it then we see that we talk about it, if your concept doesn’t work, you step aside, then we move away.”

“So ECG has a proof of concept understanding with Hubtel,” the MD explained.

He added: “It is quite sad that in this day when we have the Right to Information Bill [Law], where you can get access to information when you hear gossip, you choose to run with gossip. It is not fair to some of us, it is actually very painful because you end up allowing and drawing attacks unto us, especially me [MD].”

Mr Mahama said some of the things that have been coming his way are “very scary, I’m just a human being too. I’m just here to conduct a service for mother Ghana. I am helping ECG to fix its loopholes. No need for us to start conjecture or start a gossip rumour that will lead to people personally attacking me.”

“I am not here to ransack the company, so please, my doors are always opened, ECG hasn’t attempted, will not attempt, until the proof has been, there must be proof of that said concept, what I will do for myself privately, I should be able to do for ECG.”

The ECG MD said he will not take a whole national security asset and “dump it like that”. 

“Again, I must repeat, there is no contract with Hubtel. It is at a proof of concept stage, they are attempting to prove their concept, if they are successful fine, if they are not, we will look for other solutions,” he added.

Source: Ghana News

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