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Expand consultation on moves to restrict importation of some items – Unilever MD

Expand consultation on moves to restrict importation of some items – Unilever MD

The Managing Director of Unilever Ghana, George Owusu-Ansah, wants more consultations to be done over plans to restrict the importation of some items.

According to him, it will be prudent to engage more stakeholders since the policy will affect the livelihood of Ghanaians.

He made the suggestion on PM Express Business Edition with host, George Wiafe, on December 7, 2023.

“We should tread cautiously with this policy because of how it could impact on prices of some food items on the market and supply as well”, he warned.

“There are fears that it could lead to price hikes and shortages on the market”, he added.

 Suspension of Legislative Instrument

Government on Wednesday December 7, 2024 suspended the proposed Legislative Instrument, which should have been laid before Parliament by the first week in December 2023.

According to government, the LI was suspended to deepen consultations with the relevant stakeholders.

“Whatever we do, we must ensure that it works for all Ghanaians. The engagement is very important for this whole policy measure that the government is planning to introduce”, he said.

“Whatever we create at the end of the day, should benefit Ghanaians when it comes to the availability of goods on the market”

Mr. Owusu-Ansah noted that the broader policy is good, and should be encouraged, but stressed that more consultations and dialogue are needed. 

Can local industries survive?

Touching on Unilever’s operations, Mr. Owusu-Ansah said the company has the capacity to double its production to meet market demand.

“I can double my production over night and I believe that other industries can do that as well. What we need is the level playing field and the favourable environment”

He is of the view that the ability to produce should not be seen as a challenge.

“In whatever we do, we should be guided by history in this country. One can talk about how we liberalised exchange rate and how that killed the black market”.

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