Genius IT Foundation achieves accreditation

In a step toward promoting STEM education across Africa, Genius IT Foundation proudly announces its accreditation from, signifying the organization’s dedication to delivering exceptional STEM educational experiences.

The Accredited™ Trustmark serves as a powerful symbol of excellence and quality assurance, reinforcing Genius IT Foundation’s mission to provide top-notch STEM education to students, educators, and parents alike.

What sets this accreditation apart is its integration of an immutable blockchain credential, ensuring the utmost security and authenticity of the trust mark while simplifying the verification process for all stakeholders.

This achievement transcends the confines of Genius IT Foundation, embodying a broader commitment to elevating the entire STEM education community. By upholding rigorous standards, the organization contributes to the overall enhancement of STEM education and champions equity within the field.

Genius IT Foundation believes that every organization, regardless of its scale or geographical location, should have equal opportunities to excel in STEM education. This accreditation reaffirms the organization’s unwavering commitment to this belief.

The Founder of the organization, Desmond Kistshi in an engagement with Citi Business News extended the Foundation’s heartfelt appreciation to its dedicated team, partners, and supporters, all of whom have played pivotal roles in reaching this remarkable milestone. Together, they are collectively shaping the future landscape of STEM education, with an exciting journey ahead.

Genius IT Foundation’s mission revolves around empowering individuals, promoting digital inclusiveness, fostering self-actualization, and eradicating poverty in Africa. Simultaneously, their vision is to emerge as a paramount catalyst for global positive change.

They aim to achieve this by advocating digital inclusiveness through capacity building, conducting research, extending industry support, championing tech advocacy, and fostering strategic partnerships, all of which collectively create equitable opportunities for all.

For further information regarding accreditation, please visit []( To verify and delve deeper into this accreditation, kindly access the following [verification link](

Source: Ghana Business

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