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Government commits to review taxes on fuel in Mid-year Budget after drivers’ strike – Abbas Imoro

Spokesperson of the Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners, Abbas Imoro says government has expressed its commitment to scrapping some petroleum taxes in the 2022 mid-year budget.

This, he said was made known to the transport union in a meeting at the Presidency on Monday.

“We researched and found out that some of the taxes could be reduced for us whereby it will alleviate us from the current suffering situation which we are….They promised that somewhere mid-year budget, they will try to see that if not all, could do something about some of the taxes for us,” he said.

Speaking on PM Express, Mr Imoro stated that although the reduction in taxes was promised, government did not mention specific areas where the reduction is to be expected.

He also noted that Government has directed oil marketing company GOIL to reduce the price of fuel at the pumps effective tomorrow.

He added that the directive by government is to “relieve drivers of some of the problems we are having.”

His comments come after commercial drivers earlier today embarked on a nationwide strike to express their displeasure on the government’s failure to scrap taxes on fuel.

The industrial action left thousands of commuters stranded.

Most lorry stations were empty, with some frustrated passengers engaging the services of commercial motorbike (Okada) riders, ride-hailing services while others walked.

But drivers say they have had enough of the lip service paid their plight by government.

Prior to the strike, some 16 driver unions demanded government to scrap some taxes on petroleum products.

According to the unions, they have identified at least five taxes that they believe serve no useful purpose. Thus, the energy debt recovery levy, the Road fund levy, Energy sector levy, Sanitation levy and Special petroleum levy.

Meanwhile, The Chairman of Parliament’s Committee on Transport has revealed that the Ghana Oil Company (Goil) is expected to reduce fuel prices by 15 pesewas per litre.

A fuel per litre which is sold at GHS6.85 is expected to be reviewed downwards to GHS6.70 effective December 7, 2021.

Source: Ghana News

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