Govt. urged to ensure full implementation of local content law

Energy analyst, Benjamin Nsiah has emphasized the crucial role of relevant stakeholders in ensuring the full implementation of the local content policy to foster the growth of the local economy.

He highlights the importance of leveraging the recent developments in the oil and gas industry, particularly the commissioning of Jubilee South East in the Western Region, as a key catalyst for sustained growth.

The addition of Jubilee South East to the Jubilee Fields further enhances production capacity, expected to reach 30,000 barrels of oil by year-end.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Benjamin Nsiah underscores the imperative of intensifying efforts to enhance the skills and expertise of Ghanaian students, equipping them to seize the opportunities within the oil and gas industry.

“Regarding local content participation, the ministry has established a commendable local content policy. However, the challenge lies in achieving its full implementation, as many of the requirements for local human resources do not currently align with industry demands,” he said.

“To bridge this gap, it is imperative to make a deliberate effort within our education system to ensure that the necessary investments are made in schools offering programs related to petrochemical engineering and other relevant courses. This proactive approach will better prepare individuals to meet the specific needs of the industry,” he added.

Source: Ghana Business

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