How Samini Won The GIMPA SRC Presidential Race

The new president of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration’s Students Representative Council (SRC) is Emmanuel Andrews Samini, also known as Samini, a dancehall musician from Ghana (GIMPA).
According to sources, Samini and Mabel, his vice president, won the presidential election with 307 votes. On June 22, at the GIMPA campus in Accra, elections were placed. The news has been confirmed by numerous sources, and the seasoned musician has received praise for reaching this significant milestone.

Many inquiries on Samini’s election victory have been made since the official announcement of the results. What we think gave him the advantage is listed below.

Prior to the elections, Samini published the main and supplementary initiatives he intends to implement should he be given the nod by students and they are;

1. Establish the Onuapa SRC emergency trust fund through crowdfunding and partnership with corporations to support needy students with the payment of fees, businesses and other worthy emergency courses.

2. Create an SRC help desk to assist students with the registration of courses, NSS registration, student loan registration and internship support program.

3. Reviving the student shuttle service to lessen the transportation burdens back and forth GIMPA campus by acquiring a bus and through a partnership with other transport companies.

4. Updating the SRC mobile application with student-friendly features.

5. Renovation of the school’s sports facilities.

6. Setting up business incubation avenues for students.

For his supplementary policies, Samini said he would;

1. Provide student-friendly data sim card for all students.

2. Facilitate affordable hostels with good proximity for students.

3. Less cumbersome passport and driving license acquisition for students.

4. Facilitating affordable student foreign exchange programmes.

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