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I didn’t attend the seminary to become a Priest – Rev. Akua Boateng

The Programme Director of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Ghana, Reverend Akua Ofori Boateng has explained why she joined the seminary.

She said becoming a priest was not her major aim in attending the school.

In a conversation on Prime Morning, the Reverend Minister narrated that she needed to know the true identity of God to be well informed about her decision to either stay in or leave Christendom.

“I didn’t go to seminary to become a priest; I went to seminary because I felt like if I’m going to walk away from God, I want to walk away from an informed place where I can understand Him and make a decision to follow Him or not,” she said on Wednesday.

But after joining, she became connected to God and was encouraged by some leaders in the seminary to be a priest.

This made her go into covenant with God, as she felt pressured and wanted a revelation from God to make the decision.

“I discovered I had a real love for the Bible and the Scripture and for explaining things from the Bible. As time went on, I started feeling like I wanted to do more things for God, and in the seminary, there was a lot of push for me to become a priest, but I said the priesthood was not for me.

“So I prayed to God and asked him to give me a job if he really wanted me to do this and I will become a priest. In less than a week, I got a call from Ernst & Young saying that BOST was looking for a General Manager. I went for the interview and got the job. So I lost my bet with God,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, the Reverend Minister has urged people to stop being dependent on intercessory prayers from pastors, as God answers everyone’s prayer.

Source: Ghana News

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