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I won’t yield to calls from either NDC or NPP – Newly elected UGSRC President

The newly elected SRC President at the University of Ghana, Martin Gyasi Boakye, has pledged his commitment to serving students devoid of political influence.

In recent times, the relevance of the Students Representative Council has been called into question, with concerns about how politicians use the SRC as medium to advance their goals.

According to critics, the SRC has now become another extension of both the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party, who use student leaders for their parochial interests.

But speaking in a yet-to-air interview on Joy Campus, Mr Boakye said his tenure will be immune to all such influences.

According to him, his regime as SRC President will project the interests and concerns of students above every other political considerations.

“There are student groups that are polarised already. That’s I mean the TESCON and the TEIN. And then we have the SRC. Yes we can have the infiltrations from both ends.

But truth be told, the ticket of Boakye Martin Gyasi and Abraham Lincoln is a ticket that is going to represent the voice of all. Regardless of your political party affiliation”, he added.

In the yet-to-air interview with JoyNews’ Paa Kwesi Schandorf, he also indicated that he will work around the clock to ensure that healthcare delivery is improved for students at the University.

The full interview will be aired on this weekend’s edition of Joy Campus at 2:00pm on the JoyNews channel, with a repeat on Sunday at 11:00am.

I won't yield to calls from either NDC or NPP - Newly elected UGSRC President
The flyer for this weekend’s edition of Joy Campus on the JoyNews channel

Meanwhile in a related development, the newly elected SRC General Secretary at the University of Ghana, Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom, says Christians have a critical role to play in making politics a more decent enterprise.

According to her, she does not subscribe to the idea that Christians should abstain from politics due to its perceived ‘dirty’ nature.

Speaking in the yet-to-air interview on Joy Campus, she explained that God himself is a ‘politician’ who recognises politics and encourages his children to get involved to sanitise the space.

“If politics is dirty, then we (Christians) are the soap to wash it”, she noted.

She further stressed that there is the need for ‘believers’ to occupy influential positions, so as to help propel development.

The newly elected SRC official added that having been given the nod to serve, she will discharge her duties to the best of her abilities.

Touching on her plans and policies, Ms. Boakye Yiadom intimated that she will work to ensure that the apathy students have towards the Students Representative Council is resolved through innovative strategies.

One of such strategies she said will include the creation of a system to bring all secretaries on campus on board, to serve as direct liaisons with students.

Emmanuella, who is also an ardent member of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) on campus also said her tenure as the SRC Secretary will be devoid of partisan political influences or any acts that will derail the interest of students.

Source: Ghana News

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