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If you want to get the best out of your employee, compensate them – HR Instructor advises employers

Human Resource Instructor and Trainer, Emmanuel Woyome has urged all employers to create incentives for their employees.

This, according to him, will create a conducive environment and serve as a form of encouragement to the staff to be more effective and efficient in their lines of duty.

In an interview on Prime Morning, the HR instructor said that it is a necessity for employers to think about the expectations of their employees when rewarding them.

“Let’s look at some key factors that need to be considered if you want to get the best out of the employee incentives. That comes under, broadly, what we can say compensation, or in a broader sense, total reward. What are your employees gaining from working with you? Some are monetary, others are non-monetary,” he told Roselyn Felli.

Aside from compensation, recognition and appreciation are also major contributory factors to the happiness of every employee. He believes employees are mostly encouraged by being recognised for doing something.

Also, Mr. Woyome is of the view that the payment of bonuses and training improves the productivity of workers.

The instructor also opined that the inability of an employer to establish a positive employer-staff relationship bridges the gab, causing some workers to stop.

“When the superiors do not have that ability to coach and mentor in giving feedback, their feedback rather hurts the employees and for consistent times they may want to quit. They feel their bosses are threats to their happiness or their mental health,” he said.

He is also of the opinion that working in environments where there are no policies becomes difficult for workers as it influences decision-making.

Meanwhile, employees are urged to put in their efforts, as their contributions help in the success of their employers’ businesses.

Source: Ghana News

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