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Jealousy is the driving force behind all the hate – Janet Nabila on presidential spousal emolument

General Secretary of the People’s National Convention party (PNC), Janet Asana Nabila says she is ‘scandalized’ to witness the level of ‘jealousy’ emanating from Ghanaians protesting government’s decision to pay presidential spouses emoluments.

Speaking to JoyNews‘ Evans Mensah on Ghana Connect, the politician said all persons against the initiative are of the view that ‘women are not supposed to be uplifted in the economic realm, they think that economic capability should be given to only men’ which does not speak well of us as a country.

Mrs Nabila’s comment was in reaction to another panelist’s assertion that host, Evans Mensah’s wife does not receive allowances for the time he serves Ghanaians on the air waves hence wife of the President and his Vice do not deserve emoluments for the work of their husbands.

“I am scandalized, I am very scandalized…when a president is campaigning the wife is also campaigning at another angle.

“Whenever a president becomes a president the wife picks a project –presidents and vice presidents’ wives usually take on projects that can help the vulnerable in society.

“They work on these projects to make sure they bring an impact in society and today you can sit down and compare a second lady to just ordinary civil servants and public servants wives, just because you don’t have concrete reasons,” she said puzzled.

In the last few days, public discussion on whether or not spouses of the President and Vice President should be paid salaries, has intensified.

This was after government indicated that Parliament has approved the report of the Emoluments Committee.

Already, two suits have been filed seeking to halt the payments.

Many Ghanaians have taken to all sorts of media platforms to express their disagreement and distaste for Government’s decision.

According to Mrs Nabila, it is rather unfortunate that Ghanaians hold such belief systems however, it is more puzzling to see politicians especially, those of the male gender rising up to classify the initiative as unnecessary just because it is about women.

In her view, such persons must direct their strength elsewhere to bring profit into the Country.

“A lot of people have caused Financial loss to the State–Judgement debts that have dragged Ghana back, we can pay those judgment debts 50 years going and our children will also come and pay them.

“It is only when the issue of women came up that men have decided to bolden themselves to carry the Emoluments Committee like a cross and they are roaming, talking about things that don’t make sense,” she said in disdain.

Source: Ghana News

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