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Joy Prime premieres new drama series “uBettina” for fashion lovers

The fashion business has become one of the trendiest activities in today’s world, especially among young people.

The business deals with style in clothes, cosmetics, behaviour, among others, and is one of the most flourishing industries in Ghana and beyond.

To help improve the fashion sense of viewers, the ultimate experience television channel, Joy Prime, has introduced a TV series titled “uBettina,” which is fashion-oriented.

The series is a story that revolves around a young, ambitious lady who is passionate about the fashion business and is willing to do anything until she succeeds.

Below is a summary of the story:

“Bettina (Betty) Sikhakhane is a smart, kind-hearted young woman who has always dreamed of being in the fashion publishing business. Even though she is hard-working and passionate, her dream has to date been thwarted by one thing. Betty is slightly less than attractive in a world that demands beauty. But when she is given an opportunity to be the personal assistant of Nubia Magazine’s new editor in chief, Dingani Jiyane, she is determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill her ultimate dream.”

Bettina, who is described as a naïve rural girl, gets a job working for one of Johannesburg’s most eligible bachelors.

The series promises to educate and inform viewers about the nitty gritty of the fashion industry.

It features South African actress and voice artiste, Farieda Metsileng (Bettina), actor and director Alex Sono, and Michael Lawrence Potter, who is an actor and screenwriter, among others.

Viewers are therefore encouraged to keep tuned in to Joy Prime TV as the story unfolds every Saturday at 7pm, with a repeat on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Source: Ghana News

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