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Keta to have 500 affordable homes in 5 years – Philanthropist

Keta City in the Keta Municipality will have 500 affordable homes in five years.

The facility, to be called the Cereno Homes, is to help improve on the housing deficit in the area.

According to the CEO of Cereno Homes, Pastor Cephas Quashie, the dream behind the project, popularly known as Keta Dubai, is to help workers and visitors as well as tourists have access to good but affordable homes and hotels in the Keta municipality.

Pastor Cephas Quashie, who is a philanthropist, noted that Keta has reached the point where it should be projected for its hospitable nature and tourist sites.

He said that Keta is strategically positioned for greater heights in terms of developmental projects as well as tourism management at various levels. 

“The motivation is that we intend to bring the homes, affordable ones and also commercial homes that people can rent, book as hotels as well as vacation homes. We also intend to have affordable ones for the residents as well as outsiders looking for affordable homes to rent,” Pastor Cephas Quashie said.

He noted that Keta is blessed with lots of natural resources that need to be tapped and developed for the betterment of the country.

Pastor Quashie opined that the glory of Keta is currently submerged by the sea due to the tidal waves disaster that frequently occurs, hence the need to salvage the rest of the lands with its natural water bodies and make something good out of it.

He hopes that in the near future, Keta will become even more than Dubai to attract more tourists and bring revenue to the assembly.

The MCE for Keta, Emmanuel Gemegah noted that plans are far advanced to make sure that Keta is restored back to its former glory as the best tourism destination in West Africa.

Mr Gemegah noted that with many tourist sites and natural resources available, Keta is poised for greatness amongst other tourist cities in West Africa. 

The MCE hopes that with the coming in of the Cereno Homes (Keta Dubai), Keta will have a massive transformation to the admiration of all.

Source: Ghana News

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