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Kwad shifts the ‘Energy’ with latest single

Kwad is used to dancing magnificently on the thin line that separates two distinct cultures without missing a step.

Born Christopher Oppong in Accra, Ghana – Kwad moved to Boston, Massachusetts in high school and took with him a love of music.

Though he didn’t start making music until he was 18, his love for music served as a bridge between American and African culture.

Kwad shifts the ‘Energy’ with latest single

Just like a perfect blend between Highlife, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop & Dancehall, Kwad represents the best versions of both cultures. The rapper/singer’s music is colourful, soothing, honest and confident. Nowhere is this more evident than on his latest single ‘Energy’.

‘Energy’ is a bouncy mid-tempo tune that sneaks up on you slowly. The opening bells lure you in and the drums hold your body in a trance forcing it to move in sync with the rhythm.

Kwad enters the song with a sexy baritone belting “she a bad man killer, she got me on the road I’m a dealer”.

Kwad’s verse sits comfortably between rapping and singing – melody driven yet lyrical. His mood and demeanour are complemented by Miochido, the featured co-star, whose soft crooning can only be described as sultry. ‘Energy’ is the perfect backdrop for a night of sensual dancing under low lights with a strong drink in hand.

The production on ‘Energy’ is the blend between Afrobeats, R&B and Island vibes that lovers of the UK scene have become accustomed to from acts like J Hus, NSG and Kojo Funds.

Kwad lists Travis Scott & Wizkid amongst his influences. ‘Energy’ is now available to stream/purchase on all digital music platforms.

Source: Ghana News

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