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Let’s continue to invest in good governance, democracy – Kamala Harris

US Vice President, Kamala Harris has called for the continuous practice of good governance and democracy in the country.

According to her, investing in good governance and democracy will enable the country “to create inclusive economic growth as well as advance innovation.”

Speaking at the Black Star Square on Tuesday on the 3rd day of her visit to Ghana, she highlighted the need for good governance and democracy in Africa.

“..We must continue to support and invest in good governance and democracy,” she urged.

She went on to say that practicing good governance delivers predictability, stability and rule of law, adding that businesses need the aforementioned to invest and thrive.

The US Vice President stated that good governance is also a key attribute of a good democracy, adding that “recent polling tells us that the vast majority of Africans support democracy over other forms of government which reflects our shared desire for freedom and opportunity, transparency and accountability for free and fair elections, the orderly transition of power and the protection of the fundamental human right.”

She stated that because good governance is a priority for the United States and the world at large, the US will continue to work alongside democratic governments and support the democratic aspirations of the people of this continent.

“In a demonstration of this partnership, this week our administration is co-hosting in Zambia, the summit for democracy. An opportunity to learn from each other and strengthen democratic institutions,” she added.

She added that although democracy is a work in progress even in the US, “Americans will always stand with those yearning for more freedom.”

Source: Ghana News

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