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Luv FM’s Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe selected for MFWA Climate Change Journalism Fellowship

Luv FM’s journalist, Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe is the only Ghanaian among ten journalists selected for the 2022 Climate Change Journalism (CCJF) of the Media Foundation For West Africa (MFWA).

The maiden edition of the Fellowship received over 400 applications from 11 West African countries, of which five males and five females were selected through a highly competitive process.

The fellows were each selected from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Nigeria and Ghana.

The Fellowship is a new initiative by the MFWA to promote climate change awareness and responses through increased and quality media reporting and public education on the ongoing climate crisis and its related effects across West Africa.

Participants will undergo an intensive five-month training and mentorship programme beginning with a two-month virtual training and a three-month residential programme in Accra, Ghana.

They will also go through practical investigations and publications with Fact-Check Ghana and The Fourth Estate journalism projects of the MFWA.

Luv FM’s Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe selected for MFWA Climate Change Journalism Fellowship
Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe

During the period, the fellows are expected to undertake rigorous investigations and fact-checking of issues related to climate change and associated challenges in their respective countries.

There will also be intensive practical training for the fellows to conduct critical, high-quality, fact-based, and in-depth reporting towards improving lives and access to information regarding climate-related issues.

The ten fellows will, at the end of training, serve as the foundation members of a West Africa Regional Climate Change Journalism Network.

Below is the list of the 2022 Fellows:

  1. Mawuédem Koffi Akotoh (Togo)
  2. Daouda Sow (Senegal)
  3. Adjimehossou Rodrigue Fulbert (Benin)
  4. Oumar Issoufou Adamou (Niger)
  5. Nana Samake (Mali)
  6. Sidibe Aissata (Guinea)
  7. Délorès Pie (Côte d’Ivoire)
  8. Madina Belemviré (Burkina Faso)
  9. Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe (Ghana)
  10. Janet Ogundepo (Nigeria)

The maiden edition of the Fellowship is being supported by the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DW Akademy).

Source: Ghana News

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