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Move to higher grounds – NADMO tells residents of UWR as spillage of water in Bagre Dam is imminent

The authorities in charge of the management of the Bagre Dam have indicated that water in the dam will soon be spilled.

This has been necessitated by the daily increasing level of the Dam.

A statement dated August 31, 2022 issued by the Upper West Region branch of the National Desaster Management Organisation (NADMO) said “In view of this alert, NADMO UPPER WEST wishes to announce for the information of the general public to take precautionary measures in respect of this alert by moving to higher grounds and avoid carrying out activities closer to river courses.

Citing information from SONABEL, managers of the dam, NADMO explained that, “the spillage is pertinent due to the increasing level of the Dam. As at Wednesday 31st August, 2022, the upstream level of the Dam was 234.88m as against the maximum spillage level of 235m. The information further indicates that the water level of the Dam is increasing swiftly and the spill gate can be opened anytime soon.”

The flood alert by NADMO Upper West is therefore, “to inform the general public, especially communities along the Black Volta and tributaries of the White Volta to guard against any hazard that has the tendency to result in flood disaster.”

Source: Ghana News

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