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Music producer Kaywa loses mother

The CEO of Highly Spiritual record label and renowned music producer, Kaywa, has announced the death of his mother.

Taking to his social media platforms, Kaywa revealed that his mother died on his birthday, Friday, March 31.

The producer, born David Kwadwo Kyei, shared a photo of his mother and called on his followers to celebrate her instead of him.

“Rest in perfect peace mum. You chose the day you gave birth to me to go. I wish my loved ones will post you instead of me, because you’re the reason for my existence,” Kaywa wrote.

The death of Kaywa’s mother occurred on a day a celebratory performance has been prepared in his honour.

Despite her demise, the event is expected to come off at Tema Community 11 on Friday evening. Kaywa noted that he will take the opportunity to pray for her.

Joyce Blessing, MOG music and Sisi Baidoo are some of the musicians who have been billed to share the stage with Kaywa on the night.

Source: Ghana News

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