NPA allays fears of fuel scarcity in the country

Despite the earlier scare of a likely scarcity of fuel in the country, the National Petroleum Authority is confident that there is enough of the commodity in Ghana.

Head of Economic Regulation at the National Petroleum Authority, Abass Ibrahim Tasunti reassured the public that there was sufficient fuel in the country and hence no need to panic.

“We have enough fuel in the country to last our demand. There is no shortage of fuel and there should be no concern or there should be no cause for worry. As an authority, we keep a schedule that ensures that petroleum products are imported into the country to meet our demands so there is no shortage of petroleum products so we want to allay the fears that some have that there is a shortage of fuel.”

“As we speak, we have diesel, particularly that would last for almost three weeks. We have vessels that are also scheduled to deliver products. As we speak, the vessel is discharging gas oil, we have other vessels that are scheduled to deliver products and all the importers have confirmed their ability to perform so no one has indicated that they will not be able to deliver what they are scheduled to deliver.”

There were reports last week that, some fuel stations including Goil which is leading Oil Marketing Company, turned away persons who came to fuel their vehicles due to unavailability of fuel, particularly diesel.

Source: Ghana Business

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