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Oforikrom residents bemoan community’s bad roads

Oforikrom residents bemoan community's bad roads

Residents of Appiadu, Apemso, Emina, and Kokoben in the Oforikrom Municipality of the Ashanti Region, have attributed the poor state of their roads to bad leadership.

According to the residents, the delay in the completion of major roads in the area has immensely affected their livelihoods and reflects badly the quality of leaders in the country.

Sharing their plight with JoyNews, a resident wondered if it is “a crime for us the citizens to vote for a leader? No! So if it is not a crime why are they refusing to do our roads for us?”

He said the situation was very pathetic as no one was safe, adding that a pregnant woman miscarried as a result of the poor nature of the roads.

The resident then gave the government an ultimatum to either fix the road or be prepared to lose power in 2024.

 “As of yesterday they [the government] had 365 days but now they have 364 days to leave office and we are prompting them to do our roads for us. If they do or if they don’t do we are going to sack them from government come 2024,” he added.

Another resident speaking in local parlance said that the nature of the road created the impression that they were not a part of the country.

She said the leadership style of President Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia was appalling, stressing that if they could no longer better the nation, it was time they resigned from office to allow a young and more competent individuals to lead the country into economic and infrastructural development.

Source: Ghana News

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