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Oguaa Traditional Council honours 4 Chinese business executives with Fanti names

The Oguaa Traditional Council has initiated four Chinese industrialists into the Cape Coast community after performing a special traditional naming ceremony for them at the Emintsimadze Palace, the seat of Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, Oguaamanhen.

This was in recognition of their resolve to be part of the development of Oguaa and needed to be given local names to reflect their identity as natives with the names of the Ebiradze Royal Family of Cape Coast.

The honourees are top executives of the TIAST Group, an agriculture machinery company, and their partners, Health Community of West Africa, a health-based organisation.

They were in the historic city of Cape Coast to lend support to the just-ended Central Regional Investment, Trade and Tourism Expo (Central Expo) of which the TIAST Group was the official partner.

Born Friday, Mr. Hehui Chen, Chairman of TIAST China was named Kofi Esar, while Mr. David Tai, CEO of TIAST West Africa, also born on Friday, was named Kofi Sekum.

The Chief Director of the Health Community of West Africa, Ms. Anna Jiang received the name Ekua Bentumaa as a Wednesday born, and her translator, Ms. Danchen Xu, born on Friday, was named Efua Aboagyewaa.

As custom demands, the Omanhen, performing the naming rite, scooped water with the Adwen (wisdom) Leaf three times for each of the honourees to drink before giving them liquor with the same leaf, also three times.

That ritual was to enable them appreciate what is good and bad, and distinguish truth from lies.

Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II then proceeded to serve all witnesses of the naming rite with a mixture of water and liquor.

The visibly elated Kofi Esar, Kofi Sekum, Ekua Bentumaa and Efua Aboagyewaa were adorned with colourful bead accessories as gifts.

Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II urged the latest members of the community to work hard and actively participate in the development of the community.

He asked them to be truthful at all times and consider the people of Oguaa as their own family and accord them the required respect and assistance.

“And if we are satisfied with what you have done for our beloved city which you are now a part of, we will gather here once again to honour and reward you for your contributions,” he added.

Source: Ghana News

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