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Over 14 million Ghanaians are multi-dimensionally poor – Prof Bokpin

An Economist, Prof Godfred Bokpin says millions of Ghanaians are living in poverty despite government’s supposed efforts to alleviate them from the difficulty.

Sharing his view on the 2023 budget on JoyNews’ AM Show, the lecturer at University of Ghana Business School said previous government programmes have yielded little result in changing the lives of the citizens.

“As we go deeper into the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), I fear for Ghana. The data is clear.

“Can they demonstrate to us the impact of such programmes in the last six years? How many people have we lifted out of poverty? How have these programmes narrowed inequality?” he quizzed.

“We are interested in impact, not just intervention. What is the impact? Over 14 million Ghanaians are multi-dimensionally poor,” he said on Friday.

The economist said it will get more difficult for the ordinary Ghanaian to “build reserve” and take advantage of the narrow economic opportunities in the country.

According him, the current government has failed to solve poverty issues in the country.

Prof. Bokpin lamented that the government always gets away with irregularities.

He said the President’s large government size is counter-productive and that it shows “insensitivity at the highest level”

Meanwhile, poverty rate is set to rise as government’s budget seeks to lay an injunction on public sector employment.

Source: Ghana News

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