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Paa Kwesi Schandorf: When gifts become the source of trouble

Anna and Frank had been dating since their days in the University. It was therefore an endless spree of joy, when they finally came together to exchange their nuptial vows.

Apart from a well-attended wedding ceremony, the two also had lots of gifts on that day.

However, three years into their marriage, the couple started feeling anxious over the absence of a baby’s cry in their home.

Their initial plan was to have kids a year after their union. Yet 3 years down the line, Anna had already lost four pregnancies.

As an elite couple, they therefore decided to seek medical attention to address their predicaments. But despite their numerous appointments with various specialists, their woes were not resolved.

Frank, therefore, decided to take matters into his own hands and wed another woman. What started as a blissful union soon started falling apart.

Now during their earlier love encounters, Frank used to have Anna’s pillows as a support mechanism.

But those pillows soon became Anna’s only source of comfort, as she hugged them in tears every midnight. [NB: If you have a very ‘clean mind, you won’t understand Frank’s use of Anna’s pillows being mentioned here. But let’s move on. Lol].

Anna’s depression increased; until she finally decided to speak to a pastor. It was there that the pastor revealed that during her wedding, an ill-minded guest donated a piece of cloth, which was fetishly designed to keep her barren.

On hearing this, she wept bitterly. But that revelation was what subsequently salvaged her dissipating marriage with twins.

Question, how did the evil doer manage to lock Anna’s womb with just the piece of cloth, she donated as a gift?

The truth of the matter is that, it is possible for spiritual transfers to be made through physical mediums.

Do you remember that once upon a time in the Bible, a woman was healed just by touching the helm of Jesus’ garment? And do you also recall that handkerchiefs from Apostle Paul healed sick people?

And so evidently, things (good or bad) can be transferred spiritually through physical materials.

This perfectly explains why we must be very careful about the items we exchange and receive from people.

A borrowed wig from a roommate can be the genesis of an unexplained migraine in your life. And also, a borrowed sneakers from your ‘guy’ can mark the end of your employment.

Let us therefore be careful about what we accept as gifts and what we exchange in our dealings with people. The Lord be with us all.

The author of this piece is a writer, a journalist and a corporate MC by name, Paa Kwesi Schandorf

Source: Ghana News

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