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Pay Office of the Special Prosecutor staff to avoid compromise – Edem Senanu

The Co-chairman of the Citizen Movement against Corruption (CMaC), Edem Senanu, has recommended sufficient remuneration for staff of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

He said the compensation should be enough to motivate the workers to perform their roles wholeheartedly.

Speaking on JoyNews’ News Desk, Mr Senanu explained that in the fight against corruption, some culprits have much more money to offer corruption fighters.

He said it may lead to the shirking of responsibilities in the quest to fight the menace.

“Sometimes people you’re trying to catch have a 100 times to give you. Some of the staff would just shirk their responsibilities.

“Because it’s not just about doing the job, it’s also about the risk that you put yourself through. From time to time some of them have to disappear because intelligence may say somebody is thinking of doing something.”

According to him, the fight against corruption is not a job that should be treated with “kids’ gloves.”

Mr. Senanu opined that there is a lack of political will in the fight against corruption in that the campaign promises differ from what is happening presently.

He advised that heading towards 2024 general elections, citizens should critically examine the campaign promises of politicians because, “ it’s like it’s a business for them, they invest and immediately after they don’t care about the aspirations of the people or the development agenda.”

Close to the end of 2022, a report revealed that apart from the Deputy Special prosecutor, workers at the Office of the Special Prosecutor were owed salary arrears, with the Special Prosecutor being owed for sixteen months.

Mr. Senanu said the issued must be resolved urgently.

Shortly after the report, the government announced that the issue had been resolved.

However, speaking on Newsfile on Saturday December 31, Mr. Kissi Agyebeng said he has not seen enough commitment on the part of government to fight corruption. He also stated that he does not think the country is ready to fight against corruption, because Ghanaians are reluctant to report incidents of corruption.

Source: Ghana News

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