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Re: 5 containers of Rosewood impounded at Tema Port

I write as a lawyer for and on behalf of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited to dissociate ourselves from the news going round which implicates Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited in some illegal activities. The media carried the news implicating Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited as the company that was attempting to smuggle some rosewoods out of Ghana against the pending ban on exportation of those rosewoods by government.

We have also read from the media, a purported letter from the Lawyers and managers of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited in which the Lawyers of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited are threatening to take legal actions against the forestry commission. Paradoxically in another breadth, the management of Felisco Sun Company Limited is purported to have written and signed another letter admitting that indeed the containers and the wood belong to Felisco-Sun Company Limited.

I write to state in very unambiguous terms that, Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited has no hands at all in the said news. Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited does not know anything at all about the rosewood that was intercepted at the port. We have seen the name “Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited” written on all the five containers that were confiscated by the authorities and wish to say that, it was a total fabrication by those who are doing everything possible to tarnish the hard-won image and reputation of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited. As to how the name Felisco-Sun came into this whole saga, we do not know and it remains a mystery.

Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited is a freight forwarding company that is law-abiding and which operates solely within the confines of the laws of Ghana. We are not into illegal activities and we still maintain that we do not know anything about the wood, the containers and the letter purported to have been written by the Lawyers and management of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited.

As legal advisers, we have not given our client, Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited any advice to take any court action, neither have we written any letter to that effect. I write to state in no uncertain terms that, there are some faceless individuals who are scheming to bring the name of Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited and its Lawyers into this whole matter which we know nothing about.

Preliminary investigations done by our company reveals that the said rosewood came from Burkina Faso and was in transit through Ghana and got impounded by the Ghanaian authorities. Given the current checks and balances adopted by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Forestry Commission, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for any individual or group of persons to be able to fell, cut and export rosewood in Ghana.

As a law-abiding firm, Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited has always operated in accordance with the law. We, therefore, dare anyone who has any information implicating Felisco-Sun in any wrong or illegal activity to come out with that fact.

We also entreat the security services to do thorough investigations into this matter to expose those persons who are bent on doing everything possible to bring the name of Felisco-Sun into disrepute. Felisco-Sun is ever ready to assist the security services in any manner to unravel the mystery surrounding this matter.

We urge the public to disregard the concocted stories that are being thrown around by some faceless individuals with clandestine motives.

John Agbotey.

Source: Ghana News

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