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Sex is a very healthy aerobic exercise – Dr. Yaw Osarfo

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director at Medicas Hospital, Dr. Yaw Osarfo, has said that sex is one of the best ways of exercising.

This is to dismiss claims and the notion that some people collapse during sexual intercourse, which makes them believe sex is risky.

Based on his observations, he believes that people who have had such strange experiences are suffering from underlying medical conditions.

“Those who have these unfortunate adverse effects during a sexual encounter typically have underlying medical conditions that are not properly controlled, leading to this sudden collapse,” otherwise, sex is actually a very healthy aerobic exercise.”

This is just a bit of what lovers need to know and do within this month of love as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Throughout the month of February, your ultimate experience television, Joy Prime, has introduced a love series dubbed “Season of Hearts” to enlighten lovers on what to do in the period to satisfy their partners.

It’s a one- to five-minute series that airs every day throughout the month of February.

What do you know about your heart? What Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for your partner? Or how do you present a romantic gift to your partner?

As you celebrate the season, join Dr. Yaw Osafo as he informs you on matters of the heart. 

Source: Ghana News

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