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Tanzania media silent on national killed in Ukraine

Leading Tanzanian newspapers have largely ignored a video circulating on Twitter of a memorial for a national who was allegedly killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine, last October while fighting for Russia’s Wagner Group.

Tarimo Neves Raymond was a student in Russia and was reportedly recruited by Wagner from a prison in Moscow.

The video shows men in military fatigues holding candles around a casket.

A portrait picture of Raymond, two medals and a certificate are placed on the casket draped with a Wagner flag.

None of the major Tanzanian news outlets have so far carried the story and there has been no comment from the government’s official channels.

Last September a Zambian national died in Ukraine while fighting for Wagner, while several “Black Russians” from the Central African Republic are believed to have been recruited by the paramilitary company.

On 1 January, Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin purportedly flaunted a mercenary from Cote d’Ivoire who had joined fighting in Ukraine.

Source: Ghana News

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