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Two police officers injured as ghetto boys escape with handcuffs during arrest at Gomoa Nyanyano

Two police officers were injured when two suspected criminals attacked them and run off with handcuffs during an operation at Gomoa Nyanyano in the Central Region.

The police had dispatched a team of police officers from the intelligence unit to apprehend suspects who had reportedly robbed residents at Kasoa and sought refuge at Gomoa Nyanyano.

Upon their arrival at the area, the officers were unexpectedly attacked by the young residents, resulting in injuries to two of them.

Recognising the need for additional support, the remaining officers promptly called for reinforcement from the Central East Regional Police Command.

Despite the challenges faced, the team successfully managed to apprehend eight individuals from the ghetto, while two others managed to flee, taking the police handcuffs with them.

The injured police officers were swiftly sent to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.

Meanwhile, the eight apprehended suspects were handed over to the Central East Regional Police Command for further investigation.

The incident has prompted a thorough ongoing investigation by the authorities to uncover the identities and whereabouts of the escaped individuals.

The police are determined to recover the stolen handcuffs and bring those responsible to justice.

Source: Ghana News

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