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We are afraid someone will just catch and rape us ‐ female students of KNUST

Female students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have expressed fear and anxiety after alleged sexual assaults on campus.

According to the students, the act has affected them psychologically since they don’t know who might be the next victim.

Speaking with JoyNews, a student said “I am scared, I am not able to move around well as I am supposed to.”

“I am afraid that they can just catch me somewhere and rape me,” she said.

Meanwhile, the school administration has given the assurance that security will be intensified on campus.

They have also asked female students to take charge of their security due to the recent occurrences.

“We play our part as a university but female students should also ensure their own safety. You are not supposed to enter a male student’s hostel when you know it’s not your hostel.

“Even if you have to go, you are being encouraged to get a colleague to go with you. But for the meantime, we are stepping up our education and we have security people on campus who are making sure that the students are safe,” declared the spokesperson.

This proposition was made after six KNUST students allegedly gang-raped a first-year student.

It was the second incident in a week.

The fear-stricken students have asked for the law to deal with the perpetrators accordingly.

“It is morally and legally unacceptable, thus the law must be enforced.”

Although the Asokore Mampong Magistrate has remanded the six, their lawyer, Richard Adu Darko, has denied the claims levelled against his clients.

“These are students of KNUST who have been accused of rape. Looking at the facts that has been presented to us, honestly, we don’t see rape, but that’s what they have been accused of. Once someone is accused, the law says that the person is innocent until proven guilty or the person pleads otherwise.

‘So now, until they plead that they are guilty, or a court of competent jurisdiction finds them guilty, they are innocent,’’ Mr. Darko stressed.

Source: Ghana News

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