British Airways rescinds decision to move Accra flights to Gatwick airport

British Airways services between London and Accra will continue to operate from the London Heathrow Airport from the IATA Winter 2021 Season.

According to Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Eric Mireku Amaning, this means passengers on the Accra – London route will land at their original destination, that is, Heathrow Airport instead of Gatwick Airport.

“Finally, the British Airways last week wrote to the Minister [of Transport] informing him that they have reconsidered their decision to move Accra flights to Gatwick, So our final destination will be Heathrow Airport and not Gatwick. So I think that the Minister of Transport did a yeoman’s job, and we need to commend him for that,” Eric Mireku Amaning added in an interview with Citi Business News.

“We’ve received great assurances from British Airways that we are not going to face this situation again and that Heathrow will continue to be our final destination if we’re travelling from Accra to London,” he added.

British Airways earlier announced that from October this year, it will be moving its operation of British Airways Ghana Services from the London Heathrow Airport to London Gatwick Airport, a move the Government of Ghana opposed.

British Airways at the time attributed the decision to changes to its network plans due to the continued restriction resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Ghana Business

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