Davido Invests In A New Social Audio-visual System Called Chatter

Nigerian Afrobeat star Davido has announced his co-ownership of Chatter, a new platform that aims to transform the social audio-visual landscape.

Davido, allegedly motivated by his love of social audio, invests in a team to build a platform that values inclusivity, diversity, and free speech.

Chatter is touted as a platform for people to express themselves, network, and form communities. Designed with creators in mind, the platform promises innovative income potential as well as a smooth video creation experience.

Although there are several social media platforms, Clubhouse is the only one that focuses on audiovisual material. Chatter fills a gap in the digital environment by focusing only on social audio-visual content, establishing a new standard for online connection and sharing.

Davido’s contribution strengthens the platform’s mission and signals its potential for impact. Prior to its official launch, Chatter will have an exclusive Creator Call with over 3,000 creators from around the world.

Only time will tell whether Chatter can withstand the test of time. Alternatively, it will go away like social media services such as Vine and Linda Ikeji Social.

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Source: Ghana Music

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