Don’t shortchange customers; use standardized measurements – Traders told

Traders have been advised not to shortchange consumers by embracing standardized measurement in the markets.

The Ghana Standards Authority which is encouraging the traders says this is to ensure trade facilitation and guarantee the protection of both consumers and traders.

John Opoku Danquah is the Acting Head of Scientific Metrology at the Ghana Standards Authority; he’s been speaking to Citi Business News after a sensitization exercise at some markets here in Accra.

“This exercise is to see to the accuracy and reliability of the measurement that they are doing, so we are offering a free verification exercise for them to basically to encourage them to have their scales verified,” he said.

“At the end of the day, accurate measurement will provide fair trade practices. When you sell according to weight and measures you will not make losses and it also helps people get value for money,” he added.

Meanwhile, some of the traders at the Tudu market lauded the Authority for the exercise and assured of cooperating with them to establish transparency in trading activities.

The Chairman of the Greater Accra Butcher’s Union, Idi Issah said that: “it is very important to check the scale, for instance in this market, the butchers have been advised against adjusting of scales for their interest.”

Source: Ghana Business

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