Goya Menor & Magnito – I Do

Goya Menor, who rose to prominence with the captivating Ameno (Amapiano Remix), continues his outstanding run with a brand new tune called I Do. This time, he’s not going alone. They collaborated with the incredibly great rapper Magnito to create a song that is a beautiful combination of wit, melody, groove, and romantic charm.

The title, I Do, sets the tone for a lighthearted but poignant confession. The addictive beat provides as the base, allowing Goya Menor to bounce across it in his signature flair. His vocals seamlessly blend with the rhythm, creating an irresistible sound. Magnito, on the other hand, enters the mix and elevates the song with his excellent lyrics and cleverness. He adds a degree of cunning to the love.

Goya Menor and Magnito make an outstanding team on this track. Their conflicting approaches work well together, resulting in a fun and entertaining song.

Goya Menor’s new track seems like a step forward. While retaining the same enthusiasm that launched him to prominence, I Do demonstrates his artistic diversity. It allows him to explore a more lyrical side, opening him new possibilities in the future. For Magnito aficionados, I Do showcases his outstanding wit and compelling flow.

With I Do, Goya Menor and Magnito have created a single that could become a fan favorite. It’s a tune that will have you swaying to the beat, smiling at the words, and pressing repeat for more.

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