Joeboy Displays His Lover Boy Persona In Love Themed 2 Pack Featuring Qing Madi

From Baby to Beginning, Focus, Body & Soul among others, Joeboy has established himself as a lover boy and has gone on to double down with massive love songs every single year since 2019, Staying true to his Lover boy roots, Joeboy is back with a 2 pack release titled Concerning and Adenuga which features Budding sensation, Qing Madi.

Adenuga and Concerning are songs that give more credence to Joeboy’s lover boy persona as he shines a light on the two sides of love.

On Adenuga, Joeboy confidently embraces the positive side of love. In an era where toxic and gangster love is the trend, Joeboy comes through for those that still believe in fairytale love, grand romantic gestures and words of affirmation as he combines effortlessly with Qing Madi in a display of sweet pickup lines and heartfelt harmonies.

On Concerning Joeboy brings to light the confusion and pain that comes with unrequited  love – a pain both men and women alike are familiar with while navigating the treacherous yet rewarding waters of love and relationships. 


“I don’t wanna feel like I’m chasing wind when I’m chasing you, you got me feeling so gullible and I’m not liking this attitude” – Concerning spotlights that “scales falling off the eyes” moment when one realizes their love isn’t being unrequited. The battle between ego and emotion comes to play and it’s more often than not nasty. 

Whatever the case, it’s human nature to want to love and be loved. Everything that transpires on the journey to finding the special one makes the time with them all the more sweeter. 

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