Ladipoe – Hallelujah ft. Rozzz & Morrello

Ladipoe returns with a magnificent offering, Hallelujah, featuring his introspective lyricism and the seductive voices of Rozzz and Morrelo. The contemplative tune goes into LADIPOE’s inner world with a sense of swagger.

Hallelujah provides a forum for Ladipoe to express some of his innermost ideas. Throughout several lyrics, he muses on his unquestionable brilliance, emphasizing his commitment to the unwavering pursuit of his trade. He presents himself as a “student of the hustle,” who understands the ins and outs of the hustle. His verses vibrate with determination, leaving no doubt about his commitment.

Rozzz takes the lead on the hook, weaving a compelling melody that matches the song’s introspective attitude. Morrelo’s verse adds another layer of complexity by infusing it with Jamaican patois, which adds liveliness to the music. The production, by Obassey Chijioke Paul, provides a quiet backdrop for everyone participating in the music to shine.

Hallelujah is a deeply personal statement about Ladipoe’s artistic path, perseverance, and unwavering quest of achievement. With its thoughtful sections, Hallelujah is a song that will appeal to those who value the art of reasoning.

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