Mobile Money Advocacy Group commemorate inaugural MOMAG month

The Mobile Money Advocacy Group Ghana (MoMAG) celebrated the inaugural MoMAG Month with a grand event held on Sunday, marking a significant milestone in the association’s history.

MoMAG Month, dedicated to the month of September each year, has become a permanent fixture on the association’s calendar, aimed at recognizing and celebrating the remarkable achievements and progress within the mobile money industry.

During the MoMAG Day celebration, President Edward Ofori Agyemang took the opportunity to reflect on the impressive accomplishments of the association during his nine months in office since December 2022.

“In just nine months since assuming office, we’ve achieved a series of milestones that underline our commitment to transparency, member empowerment, and community engagement,” President Agyemang stated during his address.

Some of the notable achievements highlighted during the celebration include:

1. Transparent Financial Practices:

The establishment of a bank account for the MoMAG National office to enhance transparency and accountability.

2. Capacity Building: The organization of numerous Capacity Building sessions for members, equipping them with knowledge to safeguard their businesses against fraudsters, delivered through in-person and online (WhatsApp) platforms.

3. Health and Well-being: The initiation of a health walk event aimed at promoting the physical well-being of members.

4. Efficient Payments Collection:

Acquisition of 37 merchant SIM cards for every Zone to streamline the collection of monthly dues and other payments.

5. Identity and Pride: Designing and printing the first-ever MoMAG Cloth, fostering a sense of identity among members.

6. Insurance Schemes: The procurement of a Welfare Insurance Scheme with Enterprise Life, benefiting dues-paying members and their families, along with MomoInsure coverage with Enterprise Insurance for members’ mobile money businesses.

7. Community Support: As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, the association painted BEDIAKO CHPS COMPOUND, a government facility in the Kpone Katamanso Municipal, and donated essential items to Madina Polyclinic, enhancing their commitment to the community.

8. Enhanced Data Access: Development of an Online Database to provide easy access to important data.

9. Member Security: Issuing new ID cards with enhanced security features and QR codes, along with regional identifications using distinct colors.

10. Expanded Presence: The creation of six additional Zones/Chapters, expanding the association’s reach.

Additionally, two Zones were successfully revived, further strengthening the organization’s presence in various regions.

Looking ahead, MoMAG has ambitious plans, including the establishment of a Credit Union (MoMAG Micro Bank) to aid members facing liquidity issues, opening bank accounts for every Zone and local chapter, exploring the MoMAG Estate initiative to provide land to members, purchasing a Welfare bus for MoMAG, and initiating health initiatives for the benefit of members.

President Agyemang also emphasised the association’s commitment to annual hospital visits and expanding their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to support the development of Ghana.

Source: Ghana Business

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