Paapa Versa Teases Stunning ‘Okada’ Music Video

Paapa Versa has announced the forthcoming release of the music video accompanying his track “Okada.” The Ghanaian artist unveiled a trailer previewing the visual spectacle before its September 15th release. The trailer gives a sneak peek of the video’s cinematography, exciting storyline, and the featured artists.

 For the “Okada” music video, Paapa Versa enlisted Ghanaian singer and actress Adomaa. The duo had previously worked together on the song “Infront of You,” from Paapa Versa’s 2017 Technical Difficulties, Vol. 1. 

 “Okada,” which features Ghanaian rapper E.L, is a standout track from Paapa Versa’s lauded album, Versa Villa, released in February. This track has secured its place as a fan favorite owing to its irresistible beats and poignant lyrical themes. 

 Watch the trailer below:

About Paapa Versa

Born Edwin Paapa hMensa, Paapa Versa is a versatile Ghanaian producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and podcaster. He has received much attention and respect for his empathetic and broad musical style since his debut. The lead single, “Write for Me,” off his sophomore album Songs for Kukua, received massive airplay and critical acclaim, locally and internationally. In 2021, he changed his stage name from Paapa to Paapa Versa, with the Versa as an abbreviation of versatile. 

As a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Paapa can play most instruments but is well-versed in the piano, drum kit, ukulele, bass, electric guitars, and percussion instruments. His genre-bending music is often labeled as eclectic, insightful, uplifting, and more. Paapa’s greatest wish is to inspire people everywhere to utilize their gifts and follow their dreams.

 Listen to Versa Villa on your preferred streaming platform. 

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