Ruger And BNXN Drop Joint EP ‘RnB’ – LISTEN

Afrobeats lovers have had a very busy few months. Ruger and Bnxn have transitioned from rivals to full-fledged collaborators, and their recently released collaborative EP, RnB, demonstrates this thrilling development.

RnB, a smart play on their initials, “Ruger and Bnxn,” represents the merger of their respective approaches. Listeners may expect the best of both worlds: Ruger’s wit and Bnxn’s smooth, enticing voice. Both artists brought their A-game, resulting in a pleasant project.

With no other guest appearances, RnB keeps the focus on Ruger and Bnxn. The head-to-head approach across the seven tracks allows their distinct abilities to show. The end product is a seamless piece that highlights their artistic relationship and will be a significant one.

The evolution of Ruger and Bnxn’s relationship over the last four months is a welcome narrative in the typically cutthroat music industry. It demonstrates that collaboration may not only benefit the artists involved, but also result in unique and interesting music that defies genre conventions. RnB is a clear demonstration of the power of teamwork.

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