Chike Releases The Vibrant Music Video For The Song “Egwu,” Featuring Mohbad

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Chike has finally released the official music video for his famous song Egwu, which features the late Mohbad. The DeeYasso-produced song, which was already one of the biggest songs in Nigeria in 2024, now has an amazing visual counterpart that honors the late musician Mohbad while also perfectly balancing the song’s exuberance.

Pink, the creative director, shot and directed the music video, which is a riot of color, energy, and pure excitement. The images transport viewers to a world of exuberant dancing routines, chic clothing, and contagious enthusiasm right from the first few frames.

Chike puts on an amazing performance throughout the video, letting the song’s emotional weight be carried by his beautiful voice. Mohbad, whose posthumously featured rhymes honor the exceptional talent the music business so unfortunately lost, joins him with ease. Their complimentary yet conflicting styles come together to produce an experience that is really unique.

The video certainly has a joyful vibe to it, but it also subtly touches on sadness as it remembers Mohbad. Some sections are depressing, paying homage to the artist’s passing while also quietly highlighting his influence on the music industry.

The images honor both life and the timeless influence of music. Different dance groups may be seen coming together, and the song’s unified spirit is reflected in their synchronized steps and joyful smiles. This commemoration acts as a moving reminder of Mohbad’s contagious enthusiasm and the happiness he offered to both his followers and the music business as a whole.

Watch the video below.

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Source: Ghana Music

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