Skepta And Portable Collaborate For New Track ‘Tony Montana’

Ever since Skepta, the UK’s hip-hop, grime, and drill monarch, posted a picture on social media that suggested a partnership with Nigerian street-hop group Portable, the music community has been humming with excitement. Finally, the much awaited and unexpected has arrived, and it’s all fans could have imagined and more.

Fans should not be put off by this collaboration; rather, it is a masterful blending of two very different styles. Afrobeats fans have been struck by Portable’s infectious energy and street-smart rhymes. Portable teams up with Skepta, who is known for his razor-sharp lyricism and strong bass sounds. What was the outcome? Produced by none other than JAE5, one of the best record producers in the UK, this song is called Tony Montana.

Setting the stage for this thrilling combo, JAE5 skillfully creates a sound that combines the addictive Afrobeats rhythms that define Portable’s music with the grime and drill aspects Skepta is known for.

The song is quite compelling on its own. Skepta delivers engrossing verses in typical fashion, his style and poetry effortlessly blending into the Afrobeats groove. Then Portable takes over, bringing his distinct vigor and gritty charm to the mix and demonstrating that excellent music transcends all language barriers.

Tony Montana is an example of the strength of teamwork and the possibilities for development that arise when people from all backgrounds and approaches come together. This unlikely combination has produced an incredible and possibly ground-breaking outcome, opening the door for more intriguing fusions in the future.

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