Construction Chamber calls on government to constitute Road Fund Board

The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry has called on the government to immediately constitute the Road Fund Board.

The Chamber said the constitution of the board would ensure its members who are owed monies as far back as 2017 are paid.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry, Emmanuel Cherry, stated that “we agreed on the principle that let the ministry do percentage payment so 40% was agreed so that every contractor would at least receive 40 percent of their entry payment certificate. But as we speak, some contractors haven’t received the 40 per cent. We are not talking about the 60 percent yet still Road Fund Board is not in place.”

Mr Cherry added that all efforts so far to get his members paid for contracts they have executed has yielded no result.

“To the best of my knowledge, last year October till now, no payment has been made unless there is payment made at the blind side of us that we don’t know, but statutorily we haven’t seen any payment. That doesn’t mean the arrears are for last year October. From 2017 till date there are certificates on the table which have not been honoured.”

He made these comments after some contractors besieged the premises of the Ministry of Roads and Highways on Monday to demand the payment for contracts their firms had executed.

The contractors had earlier threatened legal action and to close down completed project areas until the government pays them their monies.

Source: Ghana Business

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