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GNACOPS advocates holistic approach to education system assessment reform

GNACOPS advocates holistic approach to education system assessment reform

“In the dynamic landscape of education in Ghana, significant progress has been achieved in curriculum development and teacher training. Despite commendable reforms, a crucial aspect demanding immediate attention is the outdated assessment regime,” according to Obenfo Nana Kwasi Gyetuah, National Executive Director of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS).

Mr. Gyetuah emphasizes the need for a transformative shift in assessment practices, urging an end to archaic methods that prioritize rote memorization over holistic learner development.

The prevailing emphasis on exam-centric assessments stifles creativity, critical thinking, and real-world application, hindering the nation’s potential for future growth.

“While the winds of change have swept across classrooms, the anchor of outdated assessment methods threatens to hold us back,” remarks Gyetuah.

He advocates for an education system that goes beyond exam success, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects and encouraging the practical application of knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

The GNACOPS leader stresses the importance of character development, emphasizing virtues such as empathy, resilience, commitment, and teamwork.

He argues that assessments should reflect and reinforce these qualities, aiming to produce a generation of individuals excelling not only in their careers but also making positive contributions to society.

Gyetuah cautions that failing to change the current situation could lead to substantial repercussions. He emphasizes that, without a transformation in assessment methods, there is a danger of producing a workforce inadequately equipped for the challenges of a swiftly evolving global environment.

Gyetuah elucidates that, in a world embracing innovation, adaptability, and interdisciplinary collaboration, assessment practices must adapt to meet these evolving requirements.

Mr. Gyetuah calls for a comprehensive assessment reform journey in Ghana. As the leader of GNACOPS, he advocates for a system nurturing critical thinking, practical application, and character development.

The vision is to transform classrooms into incubators for well-rounded individuals prepared to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The path to a brighter educational future, he asserts, begins with redefining how success is measured.

Source: Ghana News

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