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10 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

It’s no exaggeration that men often fail at identifying even the most obvious signs of a girl being interested in them or the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, and by the time they do, it’s too late.

If you’ve been hanging out with your girl for a while and can’t figure out if she fancies you and wants a serious relationship, you’ve certainly found a sweet post for yourself. This article will hopefully let you analyze their confusing yet simple signs she wants to be your girlfriend better.

However, before we jump straight into the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, it’s worth knowing why you always have to do the guesswork and make it all happen.

Why do women expect you to make the first move?

Along with the long-believed norm of men making the first move, there are several other reasons why despite the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, women usually don’t make the first move. 

One of the reasons is the hesitation of being on the vulnerable side of the track and the fear of getting rejected. 

There’s always a high possibility that she likes you but can’t admit it because of her shy nature. She wants a relationship but is scared, and it’s always harder to make the first move for people who are hardwired to be shy. 

Some women also love the adrenaline of getting the other person to confess their feelings first and in a unique and creative way.

Regardless of the reason, you surely don’t want to miss the prestige of seeing her in a beautiful red romantic date night dress on a Valentine’s evening or even a gorgeous ivory wedding dress. But, to make it all happen, you’ll have to make a sweet confession.

10 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

How to tell if she wants you to make a move? How to know if she wants a relationship with you? Does she want a relationship?

Let’s take a look at some of the most evident signs she wants to be your girlfriend  and she wants a serious relationship with you and loves you immensely:

1. Sharing secrets to create a bond

If a girl tends to feel safe around you and shares her worst memories as well as incidents such as the time when she messed her yellow fitted dress in an embarrassing situation, she’s certainly feeling secure around you and wants to share her secrets. 

Take this as one of the definite signs she wants to be your girlfriend as she obviously wants you to take the conversation forward. Do not hesitate and spill some of your beans as well.

2. Access to family functions is the key

If a woman truly loves you, one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend is when she’ll do everything for her family members and friends to like you. 

When you’re invited to a traditional event in her family like Christmas eve, then certainly, she is falling for you. Just make sure you’re at your best and sweep her family off their feet.

3. Get ready to answer past relationship questions

Women are often serious about their relationships and always expect loyalty from the person they love. 

If your girl asks questions about your previous relationships or if you’re seeing someone, this is the sign she wants a relationship, and you better be prepared for a cute relationship.

4. Details matter

Any person who wants to be more than just your friend will surely pay attention to even your minor details to make sure you’ve got all you require. 

She is no exception. If she knows how you want your morning coffee or how you like your eggs, she’s certainly paying attention and is a perfect match for you. 

Young Couple Sitting On The Floor And Looking At The Blueprint Of New Home

5. You’ve got a common mindset

It’s a natural thing for humans to get attracted to those who’ve got something in common with them. But as easy as it may sound, it’s rare to find another with the same interests and mindset. 

If you’re able to decide on the restaurants and food, etc. in a jiffy, she’s definitely going with the flow and taking it easy. She is simply interested in spending time with you, and what you eat or where you eat isn’t much of a concern for her. 

If she’s easy-going and not fussy at all, this is one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend as she definitely fancies you. 

6. Watch her body language

One of the simplest signs she wants to be your girlfriend and know whether she wants a relationship with you is to observe her body language. 

The signs a girl wants you to ask her out is when she starts leaning closer, touches your knees, or lets you play with her hair, she tends to assume you are more than a friend.

7. Spending money and making plans

Although it’s a norm that men are the ones who pay, a girl who spends money on you, even at the cost of sacrificing her wish to buy that beautiful black prom dress, and makes plans with you like going to the movies or traveling together, she definitely wants to date you.

 8. Asking a lot of questions

When your girl asks a lot of questions, make sure you don’t get annoyed because it’s one of the most obvious signs that she wants a relationship with you. 

If she asks questions, she’s trying to figure you out because she wants a beautiful future with you.

9. Your family matters to her too

If she’s genuinely interested in you, she’ll surely enquire about the health and well-being of your family. 

A girl that loves you offers equal importance to your family as to you and considers herself as a part of your home.

10. She clearly asks where the relationship is heading

Rather than beating about the bush, she clearly asks you about the status of the relationship with you. It is important to have an honest answer as you both need to be on the same page. 

While this is one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, you must also be ready to take that plunge and be clear about your intentions.

Takeaway: She wants to be your girl, not one of your girls

There’s a book named “Everything Men Know About Women,” and it contains very transparent information about understanding women – so transparent that all pages are blank. 

However, with the signs stated above, you can surely make an accurate guess about your future with your girl.

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