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8 students drown: Where is the investment in Education? – Educationist questions government

Executive Director of the Institute of Education Studies, Peter Anti has expressed concern over the misappropriation of funds allocated for the education sector.

According to him, most public basic schools in communities are still classified as schools under trees.

This, he stressed should not be the case since funds allocated for the education sector each year could solve infrastructure problems in basic schools.

“Most of our communities although every now and then we are making investments in education, but most of our communities are still classified as schools under trees, they do not have these facilities[classroom block] so where are we investing?” he quizzed.

His comments come after eight pupils drowned in the Volta Lake in a bid to get to school.

The deceased were among 20 pupils who were in the boat travelling from Atikagome to Wayokope, where their school is located.

On the back of this, Mr. Anti questioned what the resources have been used for.

“There are a lot of inconsistencies in the system. It is either we are just throwing the resources away. There are a lot of inefficiencies in the system therefore although we allocate huge sums of money to the education sector, these monies do not end up doing what they are supposed to do, or we are pushing money into areas that technically do not need those kinds of resources.”

He wants the government to evaluate the system to know what the real problems are and tackle them head-on.

“We are trying to help people access secondary education, so we have introduced free senior high school, but at the same time we have our kids who cannot have access to basic education. They need to travel miles to access simple senior high education. So in that instance what do you do as a country that wants to get education right?” he asked.

Source: Ghana News

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